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Wisconsin Batch Oven

Manufacturer: Wisconsin
Type: Walk In
Interior Dimensions: 72"W X 96"L X 96"H
Outside Dimensions:113"W X 109"L X 142"H
Model: EWN 68-8G
Maximum Temperature: 500 F
Electrics: 240 Volts, KW, 3 Phase

Controls: Honeywell digital control and Barber Colman digital over-temperature control mounted in enclosed panel.

General: double door opening with pressure latches. Heat (400,000 BTU/HR maximum) is supplied by a burner firing into chamber above work area. Heated air is circulated by roof mounted fan (5 HP, 4500 CFM) and enters work area via duct work on both side walls returning through roof creating a combination horizontal/vertical air flow. Air safety switches monitoring circulating air, roof mounted power exhaust and combustion air blower will terminate gas to burner in the event of fan failure. Special note: previous owner added 4' to the oven making it 12'long, however the addition has no duct work. Addition will not be supplied.

F.O.B.: Virginia
Weight: 5,500 LBS

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